Saturday, November 24, 2007

The 2nd Annual iPatch Design Contest Winners - 2007

Link to the 2007 iPatch design winners:

Thank you for all that participated in the designing of the eye patches, this year’s designs were really creative, and I already got to wear some of them around and received great responses (the CyborgPatch went over really well at 1020).

The winner this year contest was Inabl Weinberg, my old army body and very talented set designer. Her red velvet Austen Powers’ pimpPatch, along with her formal corsagePatch were really artistic and fun. Last year Inbal’s Jackson Pollok iPatch came in 2nd place, and you can tell she had her eye on 1st place ever since.

2nd place award went to Yasmine Soffer for her remarkable and original Eye-iPatch. And exact replica of my real eye printed to create an optical illusion while wearing the patch. Yasmine definitely gets the originality award on this one. I can’t wait to wear it to interviews.

Lastly, 3rd place went to my sweet love, Amanda Jaffe, who knew exactly how to please my secret urge to be a rock star with her red snakeskin iPatch.

For more pictures from the party check out

(You do not have to have a facebook account to view the pictures)


paula said...

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Warmest regards,

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