Monday, April 30, 2007


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Josephine said...

How come I didn't know about this blog. I thought we were close. I thought you and I were going places together. was I wrong?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Akiva.
Very powerful, good blog. Getting to see that story again, the one you read to us on top of Metzada, brought back the same emotions, I realize now, that I've experienced back there rising within me together with the sun. I remember myself trying very hard to keep the feelings, the reaction inside. Dont ask me why, I dont know.

By the way, I got an answer to my question that I asked you after the Metzada (Why'd you tell it). I guess the question was rather dumb. I rather hope you didn't get hurt by it. But unasked questions are even worse, for the loss of their purpose.
So I got my answer. Twice actually. First time hearing people speak about your story on the last night of the trip and, once again, reading your blog.
I hope all is well.